Geodventure lets creative travelers use their own imagination to create geolocated stories from their adventures, share them with other users and get rewarded.


Explore the world

Whether you love traveling or just wondering around, with Geodventure you will have no limits for exploring new countries, cities, places far away or nearby. Every place has its own story, and its up to you to find out what that is.


Mission of GEO

Beauty of the world is literally at your fingertips. Experience something new. Share creativity and show individuality - this is the mission of Geodventure. Our vision is to connect you with the best, first of the kind platform for traveling, gaming, learning, exploring, all in ONE.


Discover VIP Story

Discover and make a difference! Best stories, best ranking authors, special promotions, you will find out with VIP story - take it and taste it!

Create and earn

Are you of creative nature? Do you want your talent to be appreciated? Do you want to share your storytelling with the whole world? AND WANT TO MAKE MONEY DOING IT? With GEO you can create your OWN story for any place on earth, and get paid for sharing it with the world.

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