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How a beer started Geodventure

Geodventure started magically.




If magic is beer. Then yes. We could say Geodventure started magically.


With a beer in my hand, surrounded with my best friends.

It was supposed to be a regular night-out but eventually, it turned out to be...Geodventure.


Me and my buddies, we all enjoy traveling. We enjoy it so much that we can have long conversations about it over coffee...or beer (capt'n obvious).


And so we are just sitting there, in a smoky bar, having a lot of fun when one of my friends goes something like this:


”Why can't we just create something that would make know...even more fun?”


I guess he really hit the spot with this question because immediately after that, we started the most disorganized, chaotic and the loudest brainstorming session in the history of pub crawls.

This was the result.


We knew we wanted something that would take the experience of travelers and make it more interesting, interactive and most importantly, shareable.


And then we thought, what could be better then letting people create their own stories in places the've actually visited? And let them share the stories with others?

Stories are with us throughout our childhood until the time we can't find our own teeth. They stick to us like glue and through them we can live thousands of lives.

In other words, we wanted people to create something that would connect them on an unprecedented level.


At that moment, we already knew that thousands of travelers already had blogs, vlogs and other types of logs.


But these things just can't make it And THAT'S how we imagined traveling.


One year fast-forward...


More than 300 days later, a couple of thousand dollars invested later and quite a few headaches later...Geodventure app will be finally available to everyone.


Let me tell you that I'm fast-forwarding this very much but the work behind the project could never bring me more joy.


Our website looks more beautiful than ever. And the app will hit the stores in a few weeks (yes, that's me and the best self-promotion I can do). We have more than 80 stories ready for our users from all over the world.


We have great articles and content regularly going out on our Facebook page. And we also have users talking about their experience with Geodventure.


What makes me really happy is that much more is waiting for you.


I'm really enjoying the ride called Geodventure.


And I hope you are going to jump on the train with me!


And stay tuned for more!


- Robert, founder of Geodventure

View All Articles Wednesday 1. February 2017 12:0

Create amazing adventures that everyone will remember.

You have freedom to choose what your story will be about - historical, modern, crime or How many places the player is able to visit and where they can find their new experiences. Isn’t it exciting to have such freedom? We are sure Geodventure will challenge your creativity and bring out the best in you!

Create adventures that everyone will remember