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How Geodventure works?

Hi, my name is Robert and I'm the traveler behind Geodventure.


For some time, I've been asked: ”Hey Robert, how does this idea of yours work?”


Well, you can travel, create stories and earn money. That's how it works!


Unfortunately, this has never been a satisfying answer. So I decided that I'm going to write this down for you to see and always come back when something is not clear to you.


It goes something like this....


Travel, create stories, earn money


I know it sounds crazy, but with Geodventure, it's reality. Everything starts with you having fun! In other words, with you and your friends having a great time somewhere abroad. Maybe in one of the biggest cities in the world.


And at some point, you just stop and think: ”How to make this experience even better?”

The head of Geodventure enjoying himself abroad

Party? Yes, sounds cool. Sightseeing? Of course! But what if you could let other people experience what you have done? And maybe you could add a little bit of fantasy or sci-fi here and there to make it even better.


Traveling = Check!


You have the story in your head. That's a great start!


The next step is our website where you can upload your stories and then, check them on our app.


On our website, all you have to do is LOGIN. To log in, just click on the MENU button. Then you can either REGISTER, as a new member, or just fill in your username and password to proceed.


After you are logged in, make sure to click on ADD A NEW STORY.


You are very close now!


Right now, just fill in the most important information. The more information you fill in, the better for you. Make sure to not forget the name and price you want to set up. But no worries, if something is typed wrong or missing, we will get back to you to make it right.


If something is not clear, you can also watch a video tutorial on how to create your own story.


DESCRIPTION is super important! Make it very interesting and even shocking! You need to attract users to your stories to make them popular. I suggest that you spend some time on this to make it ”bling-bling”.


When it comes to the story, I always use 7 different places in a city that I combine together to make a story of a perfect length (but that's me, right?).


Story = CHECK!

There you go. Just one...last….step!


After you fill in all of the information, please, click on NEXT STEP TO GEOMAP.


Once it's opened, just type in the location of all of the places where your story goes. It could be up to 7 places that can be all around the city in which the story is located in. Don't forget, the places are as important as the whole story.


When you choose the right location for you, just click on the map and then select SHOW MARKER WINDOW.


When the window opens, all you have to do is fill in the information and then follow the same process with the rest of your places. I told you it's really simple, haven't I.


If I were you, I would try to choose the places wisely. They can make stories very interesting if they are exclusive or not very conventional.


Now, all you have to do is wait for your story to be confirmed. I promise we will be fast!


You've just created your first story!




Enjoy yourself and make money = CHECK!

If you've done a great job (and I believe so), your stories will get popular and users will download them. If you want to add more stories you can just follow the same process. It's pretty easy and intuitive, right?


If you would like to see all of your stories, just click on MY STORIES.


And if you would like to see the fortune your great stories made you, head over to MY EARNED MONEY.


That's really all you have to know about Geodventure to start.


But of course, there's more. Much more. 


Until next time, have a great Geodventure!

  • Robert
It's me! Robert :)
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Create amazing adventures that everyone will remember.

You have freedom to choose what your story will be about - historical, modern, crime or How many places the player is able to visit and where they can find their new experiences. Isn’t it exciting to have such freedom? We are sure Geodventure will challenge your creativity and bring out the best in you!

Create adventures that everyone will remember