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How to craft the perfect Geodventure story?

It's finally here. The long awaited article on how to create the best stories on Geodventure.


There are couple of key elements that should be in every single story. Unless, you don't want to create great stories.


Of course you do, I knew it.


Why would you want to read this? Well, I created over 50 stories in Geodventure. You could say I'm a Geoveteran. But no, I'm just a good guy who wants to share his tips and tricks with you.


Follow these and you are on the right way to create a great story.


1. Connect the dots 

A good story starts with...uhmmmm...a good story?! Yeah, that's true. But it gets a little bit tricky. Some people focus so much on their story that they forget about the locations in which the story takes place. As a result, you have a great story but the places are very boring or crowded with people.


I've learned to create two types of stories so that I have more downloads. Here's the trick:

I create stories with well-known places that attract more tourists, meaning, more users. These are focused on more relaxed users who are looking for a simple, short story in which they will see the most popular places.
The other stories use unconventional and sometimes even shocking places that can create a stunning atmosphere. I try to connect the story and place so that they bring up emotions in travelers. And emotions are the secret ingredient of an awesome story.

Before I forget. It works like magic when you promote your stories on social media. This channel works very well and usually attracts a lot of downloads. But overall, it really comes down to the core of your story and the places it visits.


2. Make it unexpected 

The chills I get when I come up with a shocking twist…


I love it when I start a story in a regular fashion and then it turns out to be a breathtaking thriller, or even better, a horror! Geodventure gives you absolutely no rules when it comes to the genre, so you can let your fantasy run freely.


My recommendation here is to stick to your own intuition and don't be afraid to use your own signature in the story. The way you perceive world is very unique but it doesn't mean other people can't like it.


3. Make it interactive

The one thing I learned almost immediately was to create personalized activities in the stories. It's not enough to make someone go here and there to follow up with the story.


You have to make the person do things.


For example, if one of your places is a restaurant, make the person sit down on a specific chair and look at the map on the wall.


Or if you are in a metro, make the other person purchase a ticket to another stop, from which he/she will get to the next place in the story.


Making your story more  interactive means that the person following it will get attached to it. And never forget, emotions are stories. Being attached to a story means it's good and it lives to the main purpose of Geodventure. Connecting traveler's experience with others.


4. Be personal 

It's never wrong when you add some of your own experience or memories to the story. Being more personal makes the story more authentic and more memorable.


Personal stories make people feel they were created for them. For them to feel how you felt in that place or in that situation. Make sure you add a little bit of sci-fi here and there to make it even better.


Or maybe your life is already full of great stories in great places.


I will leave the decision up to you.


Just remember, being you is always the best option.


That's all guys, thanks for your time! 

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Create amazing adventures that everyone will remember.

You have freedom to choose what your story will be about - historical, modern, crime or How many places the player is able to visit and where they can find their new experiences. Isn’t it exciting to have such freedom? We are sure Geodventure will challenge your creativity and bring out the best in you!

Create adventures that everyone will remember