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I'm a gangster in Geodventure

There are a couple of reasons why Geodventure's best description is FUN. Simple as that. As a user of the app, I can say that I have found at least 4 things that keep me entertained all the time.


I've created over 80 stories in more than 10 huge cities. And this is what I discovered about Geodventure.


Number one: Traveling

Not many apps, if any, let you use your fantasy and creativity to entertain others while earning some coins. That's the thing that struck me first.


I absolutely love traveling! And while it never gets boring, at some point you just start to wonder. How to make this even better? And to me, the answer was very clear.


Share my experience and fun with others.


So I started looking for ways. I could create a blog or vlog. True. But that wouldn't make it so much fun for other people. I needed to find something that would make the whole experience as awesome as it is for me.


As I was searching on the Internet I found Geodventure. And gave it a try.


Number two: Fun

You know, I have to admit, I've always loved writing. Although I can't say I was praised for it, it just brought me happiness. So when I found out that I could use my creativity to create stories that I could actually sell online, I fell in love with the idea.


At first, I thought it's going to be super hard for me to create a story according to Geodventure rules. But when I sat down and start writing was really a lot of fun. Especially when you sit down with your friends and have a drink or two while writing it!


The great thing is that you can mix different genres and experiences into one story. And the results are awesome. For example, I turned myself into an agent, when I was in London. Or when I was in New York, I wrote a couple of stories in which I was a gangster.


Honestly, whatever I thought about, I just put it out for people to experience with me.


I guess that's how Geodventure wants its community to be. To be themselves and use their unique imagination.


Number three: Coins...coins everywhere!

This part is when it gets a little bit tricky, so I'm going to use myself as an example.


I found out that I had to create really cool and interactive stories for users to download. So what I did, was to put out a couple of free stories first. The effect was very positive!

Other people started downloading it and then when I put out paid content, they downloaded it too.


I think the right strategy is to prove that your stories are fun, and are worth the time, and then you can share other great stories and make some cash from it.


I've also learned that Geodventure takes only a small amount of money for my stories which is definitely great for its community.


Number four: Ranking system

Only a couple of days ago I found out that Geodventure will soon has its own ranking system. As you use the website and app more and create more stories, you can be rewarded with unique stories that can't be bought or with Geodventure accessories.


But there will be even more. The team behind the app will bring more challenging stories, better rankings, time limits and special program through which you can buy exlusive things from Geodventure Merchandise e-shop.


For me, it's a really cool bonus which comes with other awesome things.


I think the whole point of Geodventure is to share stories and experience with other people. Together we form a great community which gets rewarded for its work.


For some, the reward is money. For others, it's a perfect story.


I found myself in the second group. But what I know for sure is that any kind of traveler will find something interesting in Geodventure.

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Create amazing adventures that everyone will remember.

You have freedom to choose what your story will be about - historical, modern, crime or How many places the player is able to visit and where they can find their new experiences. Isn’t it exciting to have such freedom? We are sure Geodventure will challenge your creativity and bring out the best in you!

Create adventures that everyone will remember