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What do users say about Geodventure?

When I was first asked to create a story on Geodventure, I truly didn't know what to expect. I didn't know about the project and I didn't know about its purpose.


I was only told that it is something that would make my favorite hobby, traveling, more interesting.


The first thing I did was to check the website. I was about to travel in a few days so I thought this was the right time to learn more about it.


The first impression I had was….


Well! This makes traveling completely different!


Basically, Geodventure lets you create stories all around the world, that you can share with other people. And on top of that, you can make money.




By selling your stories.


It's easy as that.


I registered and created my account. After a few days, I started traveling. I was having a great time with my friends in Portugal. We had a lot of fun and saw a lot of cultural places in there.


One day in the evening, I was sitting in the lobby. I thought let's do this.


So I just took out my laptop and logged in on the website.


Then...I guess magic happened.


When I filled in the first information about my story, I was unsure what to expect. But when I started creating the story I realized the joy and experience of Geodventure.


It made me feel happy that I could share and connect my stories with other people.


In a few moments, my story was finished. It was a very simple one. About me and my friends hanging around. I just wanted other people to see the same places and have as much fun as we did.


It's really great that in a few minutes you can unchain your fantasy and create something that can entertain other people.


More than three weeks ago, I created my first story. Since then, I've created at least 5 more stories. Some for free and some for a small amount of money.


It makes me happy to see that people appreciate my stories by downloading them and responding to what I've experienced.


And what's more, some people are joining me in creating their own stories from all over the world.


In three months, I will be going on a road trip.


I'm looking forward to spending my evenings creating new stories for the community that enjoys it the most.

 - Max
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Create amazing adventures that everyone will remember.

You have freedom to choose what your story will be about - historical, modern, crime or How many places the player is able to visit and where they can find their new experiences. Isn’t it exciting to have such freedom? We are sure Geodventure will challenge your creativity and bring out the best in you!

Create adventures that everyone will remember